"Shouzu ya" Fermented food and local sake bar

"Shozu ya" is a place where you can enjoy Shiga Takashima city's local sake and fermented food in Kyoto.


Healthy with fermented food. Smile with sake.


Encounter is a treasure.

Eating and drinking and connecting people.


“Shozu ya” is a place filled with such good places in Takashima.




Sake comparison set ...1300 yen ~
 *More than 20 kinds of Takashima's 4 sakes are always available!

  You can taste it in Kyoto 

Takashima local gourmet "Tonchan" (grilled chicken)  ...880 yen


Assorted three dishes (with Omi beef or Funa-sushi) ...1500 yen

Pickled mackerel

Assorted rice bran pickles





●Japanese Sake

  You can drink or buy Sake at bottle.


●Organic and semi Organic rice



Rice yogurt
  Yasaka's “allernon” is a vegetable lactic acid bacteria yogurt made by fermenting rice.
  Because the power of fermentation of lactic acid bacteria is amazing, it reaches the intestines, so you can be beautiful from the inside!
Because those who have great fermenting power, reach the intestines, and you do not need to  drink milk products.



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OPEN: Sun-Thu 13:00-22:00


334 Kamijuzuya-cho Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-city Kyoto
TEL : 075-353-6315 FAX:075-708-5365